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For years, we have produced top class veneer-faced boards, scaleboard and veneer sheets. Our wood type pallet will satisfy even the most sofisticated taste.

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Respecting your time, we have developed an order placement platform for effective management of the system for development and production of boards that match the needs and requirements of our Customers. Log into our system to preview and configure all kinds of boards and veneers, which are available for immediate production in real time.

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Zadrożni Kreator Logo

Polish manufacturer of veneer-faced boards, veneers and edges

Many generations of experience in woodworking

Having been on the market since 1989, we are a company with a long tradition and many years of experience in processing of wood-based boards with natural, exotic and modified veneers, board formatting to match the desired size, production of edges reinforced with fiseline, edges with glue, layered edges of 1 mm to 1.5 mm, templates with butt joints, edge gluing, varnishing.

The key distinguishing feature of our processed boards is their high quality. Veneer is applied by state-of-the-art machines – as a result, the veneer sheet joints on the board are perfect. The process benefits both the ergonomics and the appearance of our products.

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NEW IN 2022

Exclusive veneer-faced boards

INTARSIO COLLECTION veneer-faced boards form a new direction in the perception of harmony of the interior space and furnishing, where the synergy of wood and its applications opens a new door to the world of interior design.

This collection expresses our respect for wood, its composition forms, as well as our willingness to maintain and present the diversity of natural structures.

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In harmony with nature

Our product range includes an innovative eco-friendly board made of lignocellulose fiber, found in annual cereal plants, such as wheat or rye. Their structure is very much like that of wood, and the addition of recycled natural cellulose reinforces the structure.

The introduction of products of this type is in line with the concept and strategy of our company, offering robust solutions, which at the same time are environment-friendly and express our care for the planet’s resources. Many of our products are formaldehyde-free and based on natural substances.


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