A chipboard is a three-layered product made of wood with polished surface, resulting from pressing of wood particles (chips) under high temperature and pressure, using urea-formaldehyde resins as the keying agents. The internal layer consists of larger chips, while the external layers are made of very small and thin chips.

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The chipboard surface is characterized by low roughness and high peel strength.


  • insulation material in the construction industry,
  • division wall material,
  • material for production of interior design components (window sills, wall and floor panels).

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Get to know the chipboard types


Board thickness: 9-39 mm

Board size: 2800×2070 mm

Chipboard of fire resistance P5

Board thickness: 13-26 m

Board size: 2800×2070 mm, 3050×1250 mm

Chipboard of moisture resistance P2

Board thickness: 19mm

Board size: 2800×2070 mm

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