MDF Boards for veneering

Produced as a result of pressing of wood fibers under high pressure and temperature with the addition of organic keying and hardening agents. The technique makes it possible to obtain various profiles; the product is a substitute of natural wood, containing no structural imperfections usually encountered in wood, such as knots or cracks.

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MDF board specification

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a medium-density board make of wood fibers. It is easy to process (drilling, machining). Its surface is uniform and smooth, making it possible to use a broad range of varnishes and linings. Raw MDF boards are used under dry conditions.

Technical parameters:

Board thickness: 6-44 mm
Board size: 2800×2070 mm


  • interior finishing components, wall panels, coffers,
  • finishing strips
  • construction woodwork.

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Zadrożni płyta MDF standardowa

MDF board

Board thickness: 6-44 mm

Board size: 2800×2070 mm

Zadrożni płyta MDF standardowa

Cut-in MDF boards

Board thickness: 6-38 mm

Board size: 2800×2070 mm

Zadrożni płyta MDF ognioodporna

Fire-resistant MDF board

Board thickness: 6-25mm

Board size: 2800×2070 mm, 3050×1220 mm

Integrally colored MDF board

Board made of wood fibers, integrally colored and made of non-toxic water-based pigments.

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