Plywood is a composite material made of transversal thin wood layers (pliers). Usually their number is odd. Plywood is made of various tree species, mostly birch, alder, pine, less often beech or exotic wood. The internal layers are often made of a different – cheaper wood type.

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Plywood specification

Depending on the type of glue used for production, plywood can be either resistant to dry conditions or water (where being waterproof refers to the glue and not the entire product, which – being made of wood – is not water-resistant).

Plywood can be shaped (bent) quite easily at high temperatures, making it suitable for production of various shapes, useful, e.g., in the furniture industry. As a result, plywood is widely used for production of home and office furniture, as well as in construction, for production of packaging materials and in boatbuilding.

Features of plywood:

Resistance to weight, better resistance to bending and shearing in comparison with other wood-based materials, low mass, low heat permeability and the fact that it is made of recyclable materials.

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Get to know the plywood types


Board thickness: 5-31 mm

Board size: 2500×1250 mm, 3050×1520 mm

Waterproof Floor plywood

Board thickness: 13-15 mm

Board size: 2500×1250 mm

Flexible FLEX plywood

Board thickness: 4-9 mm

Board size: 2440×1220 mm, 1220×2440 mm

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